Expanding Flying in the Northeast, Increases Aircraft Management Services and Offers Savings Program

By Fly The Whale

Fly The Whale Expands Flying in the Northeast, Increases Aircraft Management Services and Offers Savings Program

EAST HAVEN (May 12, 2022) Fly The Whale, a US Part 135 Scheduled Air Carrier, is pleased to announce the return of their full fleet to New York City and the Northeast region, increased services within their Aircraft Management division and Sea and Sky benefits program for frequent flyers.

Offering private on demand flights from the company’s home base at Tweed New Haven Airport, (HVN) Fly The Whale’s fleet consists of Cessna C208 EX Caravan seaplanes, standard Caravans, and a Sikorsky S76C++ Helicopter. The standard aircraft can accommodate up to nine guests, the seaplanes up to eight, and the helicopter up to six passengers. Safety is the top priority at Fly The Whale and all private charters are flown with two pilots with extensive training and experience that meet ARGUS requirements. Service is top notch with our friendly, professional flight crew and expert sales specialists ready to handle travel quotes all delivered

In addition to increased flying in the north, Fly The Whale is pleased to announce the expansion of their Aircraft Management division to include Cessna 525 jets. (CJ, CJ1, M2, CJ2,3 and 4) Fly The Whale has safely carried over several hundred thousand guests since operations began in 2010. While managing over a dozen Cessna and Sikorsky aircraft with personal service based on the client’s individual needs and requests, adding Jets to the line-up of aircraft benefits both aircraft owners and private charter customers with increased lift and options.

Fly The Whale is also launching their Sea and Sky Program. This is a multi-tiered block program offering hourly discounts across their entire fleet. For more information regarding savings utilizing the Sea and Sky Program, please email info@flythewhale.com.

Fly The Whale’s President, Omer ErSelcuk notes: “Fly The Whale’s success is founded upon our core team of highly experienced professionals. It is due to their hard work and dedication we are able to grow our service offerings. And for this summer, Fly The Whale has further enhanced our maintenance and flight operations bandwidth to provide flights that safely operate on time and with high level of service our valuable customers expect and deserve.”