Founded in 2008, Fly The Whale offers on-demand aircraft charter services in the Northeast, Florida, and The Bahamas.


  • Extensive crew training requirements including annual training specific to Cessna Seaplanes
  • All flights operated with two pilots
  • Premier Caravan maintenance facility in the country
  • Dedicated COVID-19 procedures for the health and safety of our passengers and crew


  • Dedicated charter team available
  • We partner with a large network of operators to guarantee that the answer is always yes to your request


  • Fly The Whale is proud to offer a diverse fleet of 8 aircraft. Landplanes, seaplanes, and jets for unlimited destination possibilities
  • Wide range of interior configurations offering different levels of luxury and comfort
  • New fleet, all aircraft are 2006-2020 YOM

Welcome to travel as you’ve never known it. Welcome to Fly The Whale.