Founded in 2006, Fly The Whale offers on-demand aircraft charter services in the Northeast, Florida, and The Bahamas.


  • Extensive crew training requirements including annual training specific to Cessna Seaplanes
  • All flights operated with two pilots
  • Premier Caravan maintenance facility in the country
  • Dedicated COVID-19 procedures for the health and safety of our passengers and crew


  • Dedicated charter team available
  • We partner with a large network of operators to guarantee that the answer is always yes to your request


  • Fly The Whale is proud to offer a diverse fleet of aircraft. Landplanes, seaplanes, and jets for unlimited destination possibilities
  • Wide range of interior configurations offering different levels of luxury and comfort
  • New fleet, all aircraft are 2006-2020 YOM


A company is nothing without its leaders. Meet our executive team with decades of aviation experience that helps provide the most premium service to our daily private charter flights.

Omer ErSelcuk


Eric Christiansen

Director of Operations

Brad Guest

Chief Operating Officer

Chrys Koutsaplis

Director of Maintenance

Kirk Vogler

Chief Financial Officer

Jensen Thomassen

Chief Technology Officer

Welcome to travel as you’ve never known it. Welcome to Fly The Whale.