Sikorsky S-76C++ N301CV

The S-76 C++ is of conventional configuration, with a four-bladed fully articulated main rotor and a four-bladed anti-torque rotor on the port side of the tailboom. Two turboshaft engines are located above the passenger cabin.


  • Quietest cabin, free from outside noise
  • 4 USB Charger Ports
  • Wulfberg Flite Phone
  • Full Galley w/ Ice Drawer
  • Year of Manufacture: 2008
  • 6 Place Deluxe Executive VIP Cacoon Interior with tan leather Interior


Cabin Height 4 ft 5 In
Cabin Width 6 ft 3 In
Cabin Length 8 ft 3 In
Max Cruise Speed 155 kts
Flight Range 789 nm
Landing Field Range 50 ft
Max Operating Altitude 15,000 ft
Capacity 6 Passengers

6 Passengers


40 lbs per pax

Seating Chart

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