Aircraft Management

Fly The Whale will add your aircraft to our FAA charter certificate, providing a consistent revenue stream


We provide tailored aircraft management services for your corporate aircraft. While we specialize in Cessna C208 Amphibians, we also operate other land-based aircraft and the S76C++ helicopter. We also have flight capabilities with the Pilatus PC-12. Our services include the ability to provide your aircraft when you need it and/or place your aircraft on our Part 135 certificate for charter or scheduled operations which can significantly offset your cost of ownership. Because we operate over a dozen aircraft, we have the flexibility to offer you low cost access to other aircraft. Our geographic locations in New Haven, CT and Farmingdale, NY offer the quick access to New York City, Philadelphia, Boston, Hartford, Springfield, East Hampton, Montauk, and Nantucket.

Interested? Please contact our President who will be happy to answer your questions and walk you through the options which include:

  • Part 91 (your private use only for your business, family, friends, and associates)
  • Part 135 (ability to charter out to apply the charter rental revenue against your ownership costs)
  • Access aircraft maintenance, fueling, insurance at significant discounts to market rates
  • Your flight crews’ hiring and training

We also take pride in top notch flight crews and many of the best seaplane pilots in the United States. We pick the best and train them beyond Federal standards. If you are going to fly into the New York City’s East River – this is the crew you want to safely and reliably take you there. Please contact our President.


Our Tweed New Haven, CT and Farmingdale Long Island, NY facilities offers in excellent house maintenance for corporate turbine aircraft and the best Cessna C208 Amphibian seaplane maintenance in the United States. Our Maintenance Team is highly versed in the sustainable long-term care of seaplane that operate in salt water. If you plan to operate your aircraft in salt water then you need to see us. We will fully prepare your aircraft prior to salt water use and then place it on a rigorous anti-corrosion program to ensure it withstands the effects of long-term exposure to salt and corrosion. We also know the Cessna C208 Caravan and Sikorsky S76C++ very well and will keep your aircraft operating with the highest level of safety and reliability. Interested? Please contact our Vice President of Operations