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Why Fly the Whale?


Save time with Fly The Whale!  No more frustrating trips to the airport getting stuck in traffic!


Arrive 20 minutes before your flight to board and get settled in.  No more waiting through those long security lines!


Fly The Whale takes the hassle out of traveling!

About Us

Fly The Whale was founded on a simple premise: life is too short for traffic.

After too many frustrating drives to the Hamptons and far too many hours on I-95, creating first-class, hassle-free routes to all of our favorite destinations seemed like a no-brainer to us- especially with that beautiful airstrip called the East River sitting right there! And while our mission is fun, our operation is all business. We fly state-of-the-art aircraft piloted by the industry’s best-trained pilots.

All of our flights are operated in strict accordance with Federal Aviation Administration Part 135 regulations. If we must cancel a flight due to inclement weather or maintenance issues, we will refund your fare. The only thing more important to us than offering efficient service to your destination is our unwavering commitment to getting you there safely. Welcome to travel as you’ve never known it. Welcome to Fly The Whale.